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Alegria produce healthy footwear in fun prints to put a smile on your face and your feet!

How do they do this? Alegria shoes feature a memory foam removable insole and a rocker sole which amounts to all day comfort in a range of colours and prints. Alegria are created in California and their easy pull on style brings the Californian laid back attitude right to your feet.

Technology Explained

Alegria have been developed to increase the happiness of your feet! To do this they include the following health and wellness features:

Removable Insole: Foot Problem? No Problem! They heavenly padded insole is removable and allows room for the insertion of custom orthotics.


Rocker Outsole: Engineered to roll naturally, reducing heel and central metatarsal pressure, the rocker outsole also encourages proper posture and normal gait.


Green Outsole: In addition to the rocker feature, the outsole is made with biodegradable materials that are lightweight yet sturdy.


Leather covered insole: Don’t sweat it! The naturally breathable leather insole, with built in arch support brings even more happiness to your feet.


Anatomically Correct Foot Bed: The heavenly padded foot bed is loaded with latex and memory foam. It forms to the natural shape and contours of your feet to give plenty of support, lasting comfort and a reduction in fatigue.


Extra Depth: Alegria have been designed to make your feet happy, and with a little extra room in each shoe for toes to move – what’s stopping your feet from dancing with joy!