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San Antonio Shoes (SAS) is a family owned company which specializes in a variety of footwear recommended by podiatrists and provided comfort shoes for individuals with foot, ankle or lower leg problems. SAS was founded in 1976 in San Antonio, Texas. SAS products are made from the finest materials available and individually hand-crafted to achieve the highest standards of quality and comfort. SAS specializes in hand-crafted men’s and women shoes. SAS specialties are loafers and sandals for women, as well as a few moccasin toe walking shoes and loafers for men. SAS footwear is made from leather, they come in a selection of colours, and the women’s sandals come in suede foot beds and range from dressy with a small heel to wide sole comfort sandals. SAS also carry a line of purses and shoe care products such as shoe cream, un-scuff it and laces that are made to match nearly every color.
Alegria: (ALEGRIA means HAPPINESS) established in 2008 by a leading maker of therapeutic footwear. The shoes are developed with technical features that promote health and wellness. The Spanish translation for Alegria means joy and happiness that shoes should make you happy. Alegria’s provides a variety of bright and unique prints that are not only fashionable, but are sure to enhance your mood. With the bold colours, prints and unique rocker outsole, people from all walks of life including nurses and doctors are now able to add personal pop and comfort to their uniform. Alegria specializes in hand-stitched footwear made from genuine leather and suede with their signature rocker bottom outsole. Thanks to the Perfect Fit Footbed System and rocker outsoles Alegria provides you with footwear to impress with style and comfort. Their patented, interlocking footbed system features arch support and is loaded with latex, memory foam, and cork to create a uniquely perfect fit every time by forming to the natural contours of your foot. The greatest aspect of all with Alegria’s footbed is that they are removable giving you the opportunity to insert you own custom orthotics. Engineered to roll naturally so that you reduce heel and central metatarsal pressure, the lightweight rocker outsole also encourages proper posture and a normal gait. With collections such as the Professional Collection, now doctors, nurses, chefs, and hairstylists can enjoy fashionable workforce footwear that not only looks good, but is also stain and slip resistant. Seek colour therapy. Seek comfort and style. Seek Alegria. Alegria Shoes are What Happiness Looks Like!